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850g per liter. Sweetener soluble powder compound with water by fructose sweetening power 50% higher than sucrose with the same calories. Replace your table sugar fructose to reduce caloric intake p>

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750g per liter. Sweetener in water-soluble powder with a sweetening power of 70% relative to sucrose or table sugar. Acts as an anti crystallizable, preservative, stabilizer and sweetener p>

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600g per liter. This is a polysaccharide of natural origin with low sweetening power which acts as bulking agent to increase the volume of the final product without altering its initial characteristics. It is soluble in water and can function as a thickener, with the particularity granular stabilizing power and fats. p>

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Sorbitol E-420

1200g per liter. Liquid sweetener that gives about 60% of the sweetness of sucrose and has a third fewer calories respect thereto. Works as a wetting agent, anticristalizable and texturizing. P>

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Aspartame E-951

550g per liter. It is a non-caloric sweetener 150-200 times sweeter than table sugar. It has a clean profile and development of its sweetness is more gradual, persistent and lasting than common sugar. P>

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Saccharin E-954

950g per liter. Caloric sweetener not resistant to temperature and acids means a capacity sweetener 300 times higher than sugar. Substitute regular sugar in people with diabetes. P>

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Sucralose E-955

800g per liter. This is a non-cariogenic sweetener and low calorie which functions as a substitute for sucrose or table sugar with sweetening power 600 times. It is thermostable and supports pH variations. Suitable for diabetics. P>

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600g per liter. It is used as a flavoring agent in foods and beverages. Gives the characteristic flavor of vanilla and presented in crystallized powder. P>

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Sugar glass

Nuestro azúcar glas o glass se caracteriza por su formato en polvo (con un diámetro inferior a 0,15 mm) y con el añadido de 2 o 3% de almidón. Este aditivo es de gran importancia para evitar el apelmazamiento causado por la elevada higroscopicidad del azúcar.
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Acesulfame potassium E-950

1100g per liter. Is a no-calorie sweetener that offers a sweetening power 200 times higher than sugar. Highlights his quick perception of sweetness in the mouth. P>

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Edulcorante Liquido

Edulcorante liquido para endulzar tus platos con muy pocas calorías. Compuesto por agua, ciclamato, sacarina,fructosa, acído citrico y sorbato potasico
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Edulcorante en Polvo

Edulcorante en polvo para endulzar tus creaciones, compuesto por maltodextrina y aspartamo.
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The gum called carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) is a hydrocolloid is very useful in the food industry. By its viscosity, transparency and tolerance to acidic media it is used in many products, among the most important are: dairy products, bread, cakes and pastries, sweets, drinks flavored, powdered drinks, milk flavors, cosmetics and personal care, chemical industry
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